The KREW is a family that lives and breathes the core values of K-POW. Honesty. Passionate. Authentic. Hard Working. Motivated.  We don't tolerate negativity, we promote positivity and people who are always working to be better at anything that they do.

To become a member of the KREW, you can't fake these morals or values. If you've conformed to every other brand that is willing to send you free goods or let you put a title in your social media, then the KREW is not for you. If you're not willing to put in the work, the KREW is not for you. If you expect things to be handed to you, the KREW is not for you. If you want to make a positive impact in the lives of others and are willing to work your peach off to do so, then the KREW IS FOR YOU.


    • Do you get paid? Everyone starts out at the same level. You will earn credit to by way of your sales through your unique discount code and link. The credit will amount to 10% of your net sales and will be paid out monthly after reaching $100 in commission. 
    • Minimum payout: $100
    • Payout schedule: Monthly after 30 days of the sale being made. The reason we make it 30 days after the sale date is to make sure there are not returned items that commission would be paid on.
    • Advancement possibilities: Exceptional performance can be rewarded with Superhero Athlete status. If and when we feel you are ready for advancement within the KREW, we will contact you to discuss the possibility of becoming a commissioned (paid by money, not credits to products) KREW Athlete. 


Before you continue any further, please ask yourselves a few questions:

    1. Will I have to change who I am as a person to be a part of the KREW? You shouldn't have to. You should already live the lifestyle - you should already be the person that fits the mold. We don't want people having to change or become a character of some kind. We think people that have passion and hard work engrained in them are cool. We don't like pretenders.
    2. Am I willing to work hard in silence, when nobody knows that I'm working to get better? If you want to become a successful part of this team, that's what it's going to take. Day in and day out.
    3. Do I currently live the core values of K-POW every day of my life? If you don't, then this is not for you.
    4. Do I currently take and like K-POW Nutrition products? If you're joining this team, this should be a given. Why would anyone want to join such a tight-knit group of individuals if you haven't tried or may dislike the products that surround the group?