Meet Kam

Kam Niskach is an internationally renowned fitness trainer, presenter, and educator. She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy that successfully transitioned her career from helping people recover to helping people get healthy and fit. She's passionate about sharing her active lifestyle and helping others to maximize their performance. 

As a fitness professional, Kam has certified thousands of instructors to teach group fitness classes. In 2017, she was named Master Trainer of the Year for one of the most recognized fitness companies in the industry. She was also a Format Expert that programmed and filmed LIVE strength training classes for an international community of instructors. She has presented at national fitness conferences and is certified through the American Council on Exercise.

Kam is the creator and founder Kam Jamz Fitness and MetKon Rx. She’s a wife to a pharmacist and Mom to her sporty and sweet Mini. Kam is on a mission to make fitness fun and nutrition simple.