25 Days of Christmas Workout

December 01, 2022

25 Days of Christmas Workout

Happy holidays KPOW family!

We have a festive workout blog that’s just for you and will be sure to bring good tidings for all to cheer.

Turn on some of your favorite holiday music and let’s get started!

On the first day of Christmas KPOW gave to me…

  1. One minute plank
  2. Two minutes of jumping jacks
  3. Three side lunges
  4. Four squats
  5. Five bicycle crunches
  6. Six reverse lunges
  7. Seven forward lunges
  8. Eight chair dips
  9. Nine v-sits
  10. Ten push-ups
  11. Eleven bicep curls
  12. Twelve burpees
  13. Thirteen squat jumps
  14. Fourteen plank saws
  15. Fifteen mountain climbers
  16. Sixteen crunches
  17. Seventeen fire hydrants, each leg
  18. Eighteen high knees
  19. Nineteen supermans
  20. Twenty second wall sits
  21. Twenty-one reverse crunches
  22. Twenty-two second side planks
  23. Twenty-three scissor kicks
  24. Twenty-four Russian twists
  25. Twenty-five burpees

Take your time with these exercises and you may repeat if you want to take yourself to the next level. Don’t forget to take a holiday workout selfie, share it on Instagram, and tag @kpownutrition!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

Workout blog by: Megan Huntzinger
K-POW Nutrition- Customer Service
K-POW Krew Team Leader