K-POW Krew Full Body Workout

March 01, 2022

K-POW Krew Full Body Workout

In honor of the 2022 Winter Olympics, we hosted a fun giveaway. We challenged our Krew to come up with their own K-POW inspired workout that included some of our products to help fuel them. Our winner was Jessy Richter! We really enjoyed her quick and intense full-body workout.

Before you get started with this routine Jessy recommends drinking BAANG or Pre-Hype! BAANG has the perfect hydration and recovery matrix as well as natural energy to help give you an extra boost. While Pre-Hype is an excellent all-natural pre-workout great for raising your energy levels, increasing blood flow, and helping you focus.

Jessy also suggests sipping on Natural BCAAs during your workout and post-workout. Natural BCAAs will help with muscle growth, recovery, and alleviating soreness.

Jessy's Quick & Intense Full Body Workout

Round 1

  • 2 minutes of jump rope
  • 10 Bicep curls
  • 10 tricep dips
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 front side raises

Round 2

  • 2 minutes of jump rope
  • 15 lunges on each side
  • 15 sumo
  • 15 deadlifts
  • 15 curtsey pulses

Round 3

  • 2 min of jump rope
  • 20 Jack knifes
  • 20 heal touches
  • 20 back extensions
  • 20 alternating hand toe v-ups

Have fun with this workout, and be sure to tag K-POW Nutrition on Instagram and Facebook!