KPOW Yoga Workout

August 29, 2022

KPOW Yoga Workout

Here at K-POW we’re all about high energy, high vibes, and bringing the hype. High intensity workouts and heavy lifts are our favorite ways to train. We believe in a balanced lifestyle and when it comes to our workouts that should be no different. Yoga is a great way to find inner peace and center yourself after a busy day or following an intense workout.

For today’s KPOW workout we are including some beginner warm-up and cool down yoga exercises. Feel free to use them before your workout, after your workout, or on a rest day when you just need to relax. Yoga is great to stretch and add length to your strong muscles.

As always, be sure to hydrate properly as your muscles will need to recover. Do the exercises slowly and carefully as some positions may be difficult. Know your body and go at your comfort level. Concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly during these movements.

Play some calming music to really soothe your soul. 


Cat- cow

- Get on all fours and inhale as you round your back up. Exhale as you gently arch your back and look up towards the sky.

Child’s pose
- Sit back on your heels and walk your arms out in front of you until your head rests gently on the floor.

Warrior II
- While standing, keep your right foot forward and step back (3-4 feet apart) with left foot creating a wide stance. Facing to the left, bend your front leg 90°. Then open your arms about shoulder height so they extend over top your legs.

Triangle- Maintaining your position from Warrior II, straighten your front leg. Bend forward at the waist bringing your right hand inside of your right foot and placing it on the ground. Your left arm will reach towards the sky in the opposite direction with your gaze following.

Standing Back Bend
- Keeping feet grounded, place arms together above your head in a prayer position. Slightly arch back sending your arms backwards with your gaze following.


Cool Down

Upward dog

- Begin in child’s pose. Inhale looking forward and push your body forward so that your belly is touching the ground with your feet hip distance apart and your hands placed beside your lower rib. With your feet grounded, activate your quads, pushing your arms perpendicular to the floor, raising your chest forward and up. Draw shoulders back and curve your spine.

Downward dog
- Get on all fours and face toes forward with heels grounded. Push hips up and back to straighten legs. Place hands on the ground engaging your arms and dropping head down away from shoulders. Pull belly button up towards spine engaging your core.

Lizard- Begin in downward dog position and inhale. Upon exhaling, bring your right foot beside your right hand bending your right knee at a 90° angle. Inhale bringing elbows to the floor with forearms flat on the mat. Keep your head in a relaxed position. Exhale and press into your left heel engaging your left leg. (Repeat switching sides).

Supine Twist

- Laying on your back, bend your knees placing the bottom of your feet on the ground. Your knees should be pointed up towards the sky. Push into your feet raising hips off the floor and shift an inch to the right. Exhale and bring right knee into your chest. Extend left leg straight and flat on the floor keeping the left foot flexed. Then inhale. While exhaling, cross your right knee across the left side of your body, so that your right hip is stacked on top of your left hip. Stretch your right arm out and to the side about shoulder height. Bring your left hand on top of your right knee. Turn and gaze over your right shoulder. (Repeat switching sides).

Savasana- Laying on your back, separate your legs so they fall on either side. Bring your arms out falling alongside your torso. Turn your palms upward. Tuck your shoulder blades back. Relax your whole body so that it feels heavy and focus on your breathing.

Hold each pose for 15 seconds and repeat 4x’s. Rest 1 minute between sets.

After your yoga session, take a selfie or video of yourself creating your own yoga move. Share it on Instagram and tag @kpownutrition!