My Story

September 20, 2018

My Story

My Story.

For most of my fitness journey, I have struggled to find ways to reduce cravings and emotional eating while giving me energy to power through my intense workouts and busy day. Optimizing my body’s performance became a self-experiment. Mostly, I documented through social media and post workout selfies.  

A few years ago, I can remember prepping for my fitness video shoots with a low carb, low fat paleo approach. I would eat grains and fruits early but never after 4pm. And I’d stick with lean proteins, salads, and steamed veggies for my later meals. This low carb and low fat plan did get me lean, but it also left me feeling depleted and super fatigued. A better way to put it. I was HANGRY and exhausted. Like, I didn’t want to get up in the morning and had the hardest time kicking my butt into gear.

Last year I started experimenting with the ketogenic diet. It’s different. It’s low carb but also high fat. It has changed my life and it deserves a shout out and a more thorough explanation. It has helped me look and feel my best… and going on 40, I’m pretty proud of that. The energy and mental clarity is something I cannot emphasize enough. And truly, that’s my goal. Aesthetics are a bonus, but the way I feel is EVERYTHING.

The keto diet has been gaining popularity and some think it’s trendy. I’m not feeling the trendy vibe. The way I do keto has been a very sustainable lifestyle approach. I think it’s SIMPLE and something I don’t overthink. Obviously, this is not a “one size fits all” solution and it’s not meant for everyone. No diet or nutrition plan is. I highly recommend you find something that works and feels right for you. However, since this way of eating has done wonders for my body and the way I feel, I am compelled and to share more about it. This may be a solution that helps you like it did me.

I’ve received a lot of resistance and pushback from people who think this is extreme and not balanced. All I know, it doesn’t feel at all extreme and my hormones and mood seem to be more balanced than ever.

It’s my hopes that sharing this simple approach into my nutrition plan will inspire you to try my high fat/low carb with intermittent fasting approach so you can experience a healthier and more energetic life too.