Supplement Manufacturing, Quality, & Testing

August 31, 2021

Supplement Manufacturing, Quality, & Testing

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of supplement companies on the market all making similar promises. Every supplement brand claims that their products are superior whether they are the best tasting, have the best formulas, or are made with the best ingredients. As a consumer, it’s difficult to tell which supplement company is being truthful and putting the customer first compared to the ones just trying to make a quick buck.

Here’s the truth about the supplement industry, there's a common misconception that the supplement industry is not regulated and is often referred to as the “wild west”. Having worked in the supplement industry for a few years now, I can tell you firsthand that the supplement industry is heavily regulated.

However, not every brand holds themselves to the same standards. To understand why K-POW Nutrition is different from other brands beyond the products, labels, and flavors it’s important to discuss what truly determines the effectiveness, purity, potency, and safety of dietary supplements.

Supplement Manufacturing: The FDA & CRF-111

The supplement industry is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as being held to the rules and regulations listed under the Code of Federal Regulations part 111 (CFR-111). CFR-111 outlines the entire process of manufacturing dietary supplements, from importing raw materials to shipping out the finished product.

This ensures that what’s on the label makes it into the tub, and you get exactly what you paid. To be a current Good Manufacturing Practice certified facility (cGMP) you must follow CFR-111 exactly.

Ideally, every supplement brand or manufacturer would strictly adhere to CFR-111, and unfortunately many of them don’t. Violating CFR-111 has led to numerous lawsuits, health concerns, and ultimately left the supplement industry with a bad reputation. With that said, there are plenty of brands and manufacturers that are doing the right thing, but it can be a bit more challenging to find them.

Before getting into why K-POW Nutrition is different from other brands and why you should choose our supplements over others. Let’s first discuss the difference between supplement brands and manufacturers.

Supplement Brands Versus Contract Manufacturers

There are hundreds of supplement brands in the United States alone, but there are only a handful of manufacturers that make the products these brands market and sell. Although there are a few supplement companies that manufacture their own products in-house, at least 90% or more utilize a contract manufacturer.

This just goes to show that most supplements on the market are coming from similar manufacturers just with a different label, flavor, or formula. So, it’s safe to assume that the quality of any supplement is heavily influenced by the contract manufacturer, and not necessarily the brand that’s on the label.

As mentioned above, all dietary supplement manufacturers are supposed to strictly follow the policies and procedures outlined in CFR-111. If they truly are an FDA registered or inspected and a cGMP-certified facility, then they will be audited at least once a year by the FDA to ensure that they are adhering to CFR-111. A cGMP-certified manufacturer will also test raw materials and supplements at various stages of production to ensure that they aren’t adulterated in any way before being sent out to brands and retailers.

If I outlined everything that a quality dietary supplement manufacturer does daily, this blog would turn into a book. Hopefully you understand how important it is to have your supplements made in an FDA registered and cGMP-certified facility. Because that determines everything when it comes to the effectiveness, purity, potency, and safety of a supplement.

Now you’re probably wondering, where are your supplements manufactured or what manufacturers and brands can you trust? That brings us to why you should choose K-POW Nutrition!

Why Choose K-POW Nutrition?

Most supplements brands won’t disclose where they get their products made for various reasons. We can’t guarantee that our competitors' supplements are made at a legit contract manufacturer and for the most part neither can you. What we can tell you is that K-POW Nutrition works with one of the best manufacturers in the United States which is why you should choose us over other brands for all your supplementation needs.

Our manufacturer guarantees that every supplement they produce meets rigorous federal and state standards on various aspects including quality, control, cleanliness, storage, and the receiving as well as testing of raw materials. They are audited every year by the underwriters laboratory (UL) which enforces cGMP under US CFR FDA Part 111 including the packaging, labeling, and holding operations for dietary supplements.

Our manufacturer maintains a cGMP certification by following all the rules and processes mandated by state and federal guidelines. What’s more is that they regularly conduct training seminars for their employees to keep them updated on standard operating procedures.

Not to mention, our manufacturer goes above and beyond cGMP standards! In addition to being FDA registered and cGMP certified our manufacturer is:

  • Certified Organic
  • Certified Halal
  • EU-Health Certified
  • Health Canada Certified

Besides using a world-class manufacturing facility, all K-POW Nutrition’s products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients on the market. They feature fully disclosed labels, so you know exactly how much of each ingredient is in every serving and are guaranteed to be safe and effective.

K-POW Nutrition: Quality, Integrity, & Community

K-POW Nutrition wasn’t started to be like every other supplement company on the market we strive to go above and beyond to help you get results. Regardless of what your health and fitness goals are, we are here to support you along the way with premium supplements and an outstanding community!

The quality of our products speaks for themselves, so try them out and you won’t be disappointed. Also, consider joining the K-POW Krew, our affiliate program, that offers numerous benefits. If you have any questions about K-POW Nutrition, feel free to reach out and we will be happy to help!