Kam's Top Healthy Lifestyle Tips For The Holidays

December 23, 2021

Kam's Top Healthy Lifestyle Tips For The Holidays

Happy Holidays!

As we enter the peak of the holiday season, I want to personally spread some good vibes and good cheer to every one of you. You may be fearing how you’re going to survive the next two weeks between the food, the alcohol, the family, the expenses, the kids, and #allthethings.

I get it, and I can fully relate to the self-imposed stress we put on ourselves this time of year. The more I intentionally think about it the more I want to flip the script from surviving to vibing.

When I think of surviving, I think of the shit-show we went through in 2020. I think of the challenges that my dad and family faced in 2021. Now that’s surviving! These next two weeks should not be a game of survival. It’s time we all break free from the guilt-shame cycle of the holiday season. 

Kam's Top Healthy Lifestyle Tips for The Holidays

Here’s some simple healthy lifestyle tips to help increase your vibe.

  • Focus on being around those you love. This is the real meaning of the holidays. If 2021 taught me anything, it’s not to take life or any moment for granted. We can nourish our health through relationships. The bad times make you appreciate the good times so much more and to just be present.
  • Schedule a family or group workout together. Exercise should not feel like a punishment. It’s a time you can be together. It’s a time to move, release stress, and be grateful. Long walks count too! If you’re in need of good vibes, hit me up and I’ll send you the recording of my Holiday Hustle Power Hour as my gift to you!
  • Bring your own veggies or protein for everybody. Sharing isn’t selfish or weird it brings balance and guarantees a healthy option. Eating protein and veggies will help you feel full and satisfied. We don’t want to over indulge or over eat so much that it makes us hurt. It may be helpful to take a good ten-minute timeout before you decide on seconds with your meal or snack.
  • Everyone has different behaviors when it comes to food. There may be pressure from loved ones that don’t have the same values or goals that we have when it comes to our health and fitness. Part of developing a healthy relationship with food is knowing your weaknesses. For example, I’m someone that just can’t eat one cookie or a small serving of mashed potatoes. If I have one, I usually have ten and go back for seconds. In the moment I’m ok saying, “No thank you, I don’t want any.” It’s not because I’m on a diet, I’m choosing not to because I know the way I will feel in the morning. Sluggish and dragging is not my idea of good vibes. Hold on, let me go eat a plate of buckeyes now.
  • Which leads us to our goal of having no regrets! If you splurge, then it’s all good because it’s one day and that’s ok. You will not crush your lifestyle goals in a day. My focus is always on not letting a fun day of indulgence become a slippery slope “F’ it” kind of week. If you feel like crap the next day, get up and get back on the horse. This is where K-POW supplements can be game changing. There are so many tools in our toolbox. You have options and feeling regret is not one of them.
  • For those who do fast, this is a time where we use it strategically and intentionally. As the diet-culture critics cringe, I can safely say that fasting has never felt like I’m depriving myself. If I’m not hungry, then I don't eat. Call it intuitive eating or call it timed eating. In the mornings, I work out and get shit done. It’s been a way of life for years and I think it helps through the holidays. If this lifestyle is new to you, I highly recommend K-POW MCT Powder in your morning coffee or BAANG in your workout shaker to help your body adapt. Metabolic flexibility is the goal and being hangry is not.
  • Have fun and be kind to yourself! Holiday stress is real, so eat the food but bring awareness to your behaviors. Your vibes are contagious. If you need a break, then take ten to fifteen minutes by yourself to slow down, pause, reflect, and get back in the game.

Let’s go into the new year proud of our healthy habits and excited for our journey to continue. The good holiday vibes start now! 

Merry Christmas Fam!